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Last Updated: 2023-08-30 06:00:08

The Internet industry plays a key role not only in the business world, but also in almost all aspects of what goes around in our world today especially after Covid-19.  In Africa, Kenya is leading with 67% of its population classified as Internet users. (31.99m Internet users) versus 18% of the total African population defined as internet users. As a result many businesses are now moving from physical locations to online stalls.

The advantage with online businesses is reaching a wide range of customers (those accessing using a smart device i.e. smart phone, tablet or computer). Online businesses are also cheaper since expenses like physical offices and inventory are eliminated. The major requirements for one to start an online business is the idea itself, knowledge in operating the smart devices and marketing strategies. 

To establish an online business you need to:

Identify the gap you will fill. Having skills or knowledge in a particular field is not enough. Solve a problem that customers are seeking a solution for. Analyze the field and know if there are existing competitors, how they are offering the solution and how you will stand out from them. Also understand what is pushing you to establish the online business. Have a mission, and a vision for the business. This is what will help keep the business going.

Legalize the Idea.

Register your business name so as to prevent it being used by others. It helps having a legal ground for the business both physically and online and also when establishing bank details for the business. This helps being on the right track with the government when it comes to taxation.

And since it’s an online register your domain. The domain name is better if it’s the same as the business name or the product name to help your customers locate you easily online. The domain name should also be short, catchy and memorable.

At Fourtech Global Solutions we offer web hosting services that:

  • Have good technical support.
  • Have features that help run your online store.
  • Have an uptime of up to 99%.

Have The Website / Online Store Established

This is the central place where you will sell and market your products from and also you will interact with your customers. Invest in a high-quality, mobile responsive and easy to use website.

The page content should be simple and catchy, one that can attract someone’s attention in less than a minute. Some of the elements your website should incorporate include:

  • Navigation around the pages of the website 
  • Use graphics, videos and audios to enhance communication to your customers. Also consider a website that supports PLWD.
  • Include opt-in options to collect emails that help in email campaigning.

At Fourtech Global Solutions we help you achieve your dreams by actualizing the website that was only an idea.

Market The Business

Marketing brings you and your customers closer. You sell your business to the customers in the best and simplest way possible. To be effective in marketing your business you can opt for the following strategies:

  • Social Media marketing (offered at Fourtech Global Solutions)
  • Email marketing through the opt-in features since the customers and subscribers have given you the permission to send them emails.
  • Content marketing. Through blogs
  • Establishing an expert reputation for your business.
  • Using search engines to drive the targeted customers to your site.
  • Rewarding your customers.

Finally ensure your website is running and under maintenance continuously. Run your online business as would be with a physical one. Remember;

Some entrepreneurs think how can I make a lot of money? But the better way is to think how you can make people’s lives a lot better? If you get it right the money will come.

Richard Branson


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