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Well we have all heard of marketing or if not, we have seen it in action. Take the billboards you pass on your way to work or heading home. They stand high abreast, where you can visualize it, whether in a Public Service Vehicle, a personal vehicle or walking along the road. Some do attract attention of onlookers, some not so much. It highly depends on the strategic location of the billboard, a factor every marketing team has to put in mind.

Marketing has been there since time in memorial, now we are not here to bore you on the intricacies of the history of marketing but rather enrich you, in how it has evolved and is still currently evolving. The thing is marketing will never stop evolving from branded packages to billboards, to activations, to interactive ads; now we are digital.

The transition to online has revolutionized businesses globally. Many business have switched to go where their clients are. McLuhan’s concept of a global village has come to fruition, and we are living in dynamic times, if we do not take initiative to evolve with the world, we will be left behind and deemed irrelevant. We live in an era where we want to shop at the comfort of our couches, rather than physically going to the market. Why go physically when, you can get whatever you want at the click of a button?

Like most things, the field of marketing is now revolving around the web – with website creation, social media Ads, Google ADS are largely replacing traditional Ads, such as TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines. That’s why we urge you to take initiative and stay relevant in a dynamic world.

Which begs the question are you where your prospective clients are?

Author: uhuru


Author: uhuru

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